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Picture this:

A player is having a break out year and has dominated the first two rounds. You don't have him in your team but you trade one of your stars thinking this player is going to continue on his merry way scoring 100's. Slowly his scores drop. Round 3 he scores 90, Round 4 he picks up an average 60, and from then on its 50's. Your blood boils, frustrated you have to waste another precious trade to get him out of your team. The fact is that you have been hit with the Brennan Factor.

The Brennan Factor happens every year, and thousands of people always get caught out. But why?? Surely there is something we can do to stop this evil in Supercoach and DreamTeam from ruining our dreams.

The phenomenon I like to call the "Brennan Factor", Is when a player has a blinder two rounds, and is dirt cheap. However the player then slides as soon as you put him in your team and you are cursed with poor performances until you can trade him out.

It is named after the master, Jared Brennan, who over his career has cost SCer's and DTer's thousands of dollars and heaps of trades.

While the temptation of a cheap player scoring at the same price as a 400k player is great, the fact is not many players indeed continue on.

It is after round 2 that this really has an effect on players and it is now that you have to be extra careful not to get caught out, or you will be forever wasting money and trades to get them out of your team.

So... What do you look out for so you don't get caught out again and again and again?

I have compiled a list of things you should look out for before you indeed trade that cheap star in.

1. Past History
History is everything in Fantasy Football, especially when trying to avoid the Brennan factor. You should look and see if this scoring has come out of the blue and if they have had a history of doing a Brennan Before.

It can also be used to see if a player has had a steady rise in scoring. if this is the case a Brennan is less likely as history has shown they have made increases in their scoring capacity. is the best source to find a players scoring history.

2. Consistency
Is this player a consistent scorer or are they having a purple patch? Again look at their past scores, if they have been inconsistent, this player is most likely having a purple patch.

3. Role in the team
Is this player likely to be moved around? Just because he has played well at FF doesn't mean he won't be moved back to his poor scoring days at FB. If in doubt, don't select.

4. New Player
The best thing is to keep away from new players who has started well. Even though your bench players may not be keeping up in scoring terms, to trade a bench player out is just a waste. It's better to miss the boat totally and save some trades.

You also will find that they are inconsistent in their scoring, so a few weeks pulling low scores can be as frustrating as hell.

Finally, here are some players I suspect will become Brennan Factors

Super Coach:


Brett Thornton
Current Avg: 126
'07 Avg: 75

Michel Osbourne
Current Avg: 117
'07 Avg: 56

Nathan Bock
Current Avg: 121
'07 Avg: 73


Joel MacDonald
Current Avg: 116
'07 Avg: 74

Travis Tuck
Current Avg: 85
'07 Avg: 35

James Kelly
Current Avg: 112
'07 Avg: 78


Josh Hill
Current Avg: 109
'07 Avg: 19

Paul Medhurst
Current Avg: 102
'07 Avg: 60

Matt Campbell
Current Avg: 101
'07 Avg: 49

Dream Team:


Nathan Carrol
Current Avg: 84
'07 Avg: 52

Leo Barry
Current Avg: 84
'07 Avg: 66

Josh Hunt
Current Avg: 76
'07 Avg: 64


Bryce Gibbs
Current Avg: 83
'07 Avg: 58

Jarrad McVeigh
Current Avg: 80
'07 Avg: 60


Stuart Dew
Current Avg: 85
'07 Avg: 62

Warren Tredrea
Current Avg: 76
'07 Avg: 57

Lindsay Thomas
Current Avg: 73
'07 Avg: 45

SC & DT Notes: Geelong VS Richmond

March 7th 2008 13:41
So we know where Richmond are heading for 2008, but what does it mean for Dream Team and Super Coach?

Today I attended the game with one aim, and one aim only. To find out who could be possibilities for your teams in 2008.

As expected Geelong were overwhelming victors, but many surprises were in stall for the day.

Geelong Notes are as follows:


Harry Taylor - A must have for both forms of the game. Picked up quality touches while holding Richo goalless for 3 Quarters. Will be a lock while Egan is injured.

Andrew Mackie - Is still playing the link man, however he is pushing closer to goal. Expect him to score much more this season in that category.

Trent West - Has showed he will be Geelong's next athletic midfielder. Mark Blake may be fighting hard to keep his spot at the end of the year. West covered the ground well and picked up lots of touches for a bloke who hasn't played yet.

Ryan Gamble - Looks like a lock for round 1. Kicked 3 goals to back up his 5 goal haul the week before. If he doesn't play early look to get him on your bench later in the year. WILL play games.

Brent Prismal - MASSIVE ball winner. Not sure if he will play Round 1, but if he does must be given a look in.

James Kelly - Has improved out of sight. Is going to be an elite player this year. Excellent Price to!


Paul Chapman - Doesn't look like he has hit full fitness yet. Hold off till his price drops.

Brad Ottens - Didn't play AGAIN. Won't be match fit, keep away for now.

Mark Blake - Avoid like AIDS.

Shannon Byrnes - He STILL can't kick, and may not play games. Please keep away

Finally for Richmond. Please note there aren't as many positives as Geelong.


Richard Tambling - Played one of the best games i have seen him play. May be worth considering as a cheap option on the ground.

Joel Bowden - One thing is for sure. The ball will be coming down a lot this year. It means Joel will get heaps of it.

Nathan Foley - Has improved again. Looks like he has improved his disposal as well.

Matthew Richardson - Richmond may be getting flogged but there is one thing for sure. Richo will be playing his heart out. Exactly what you want.

Troy Simmonds - Looks 100% and will be a great performer.


Nathan Brown - Looked lost out there today. Would want a big reversal of form to score what you need him to.

Jordan McMahon - Might be ok at Dream Team, but do not select him for Super Coach. He will kill you with his turn overs.

Other Richmond Forwards - This year will be a struggle for the Tigers forwards. Best to look at other teams who will have a better and more constant supply.

Mark Coughlan - Positive is that he got through ok. Negative is that he is far away from his best.

Well guys, i hope that helps. Stay tuned for more Dream Team and Super Coach guides!!

So now you have your team, and 30 blanks spots and you don't know what to do? You have looked at the cash cow topic and have outlined your bench, but before you select your guns you want some good cheap players to fill those extra spots.

These players in the guide below are players that for their price will give excellent value for your money.

Please note there may be some players who are bargains missing from this list, however they are in other guides.a


David Mundy
Price- $427,200
Will be used as a free roaming HBFer this year. He has great disposal and kicks it more then he handpasses. He has been sensational in the preseason.

Andrew Mackie
Price- $417,200
Mackie has given us just a taste of what he has to offer us last year. Used as a linkman means he kicks a lot and also takes lots of marks. Having been used as a forward in the past means Mackie knows where to find the goals.

Sam Gilbert
Price - $406,200
May not get a stack of touches, but gets a lot of contested footy and uses the ball well. A 10 touch game can easily be a 100 point round for Sam. Exactly what we need.

Mark Nicoski
Price - $236,100
Injured player who still has a lot to prove. Has shown glimpses of what he has to offer. If he stays on the park he has to be on your team. He will return well for a defender.

Ed Barlow
Price - $222,800
Has forced his way into Sydney’s 22 and won’t let go. He is a tall utility who has been compared to Adam Goodes. Kicks goals and racks up the touches, perfect for SuperCoach.


Matthew Rosa
Price - $443,400
Rosa will take a more prominent role in the West Coast midfield. Uses the ball well and kicks goals. Get on him

Joel Selwood
Price - $414,900
May be used off half back this year and will be prolific in his ball winning. Seriously good user of the ball and gets lots of contested possessions.

Brent Reilly
Price - $382,300
Dirt cheap player in an ageing Adelaide midfield. He will get lots of game time which will see his scores rise well about what he is at the moment. Also likes a goal and will always put his head over the football.

Byron Schammer
Price - $306,600
Very cheap but pretty inconsistent. Will be very good value for the price however.

Travis Johnstone
Price - $433,800
4th in line to be tagged in the brissy midfield so will be able to rack them up with ease. Look for him to improve on his demons numbers. Will be a very handy player.


Ivan Maric
Price - $284,300
Dirt cheap and will be the crows number one ruck. What more do you want?

Troy Simmonds
Price- $229,600
Coming off significant injury in 2007. However his 2006 was very very good. For his price its impossible to find another ruck with the potential to score between 80 and 100. You have to get on him.


Matthew Bate
Price - $408,600
Will become a promanent player for the dees in 2008. Has shown his ability to not only get possessions, but to also kick goals and take marks inside 50. This is a massive bonus for supercoaches. His price is low so get on him quick.

Barry Hall
Price - $424,400
Simply have to have this bloke in your team. He had a downer last year but in 2008 he has his body up and running again. He will again be the focal point for the swans so expect him to kick goals and get lots of touches. Ripper.

Stuart Dew
Price - $279,000
Alistar Clarkson used his power to get this bloke to the club so obviously they want him to play straight away. Has dropped lots of weight and has been training well. Started his first game last week and didn’t look to rusty. For the price he is worth the risk.

Nathan Thompson
Price - $248,200
The Roos number 1 forward. He will get lots of marks inside 50 and contested possesions. Has started to hit his straps in preparation for round 1. You will need to get on him early before his prices rises significantly.

Lachlan Hansen
Price - $101,900
Looks to be used on the wing this season. Gets lots of touches and uses the ball well. For a cheap option up forward or down back its hard to go past him.

Have you got an AFL Dream Team or SuperCoach Question? Email me at and we will not only answer it but put it on the site.

Want to know what i think of your AFL Dream Team or SuperCoach team? Email me at and we will not only answer it but put it on the site (if you want).

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Sam Newman Critcally Ill

March 5th 2008 07:07

News tonight has surfaced that AFL and Geelong Legend Sam Newman is critically ill in hospital

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March 5th 2008 06:22
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Guide: Who not to choose

March 3rd 2008 07:15

The Injury Ward
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These bench players are used when one or more of your players in your 22 are not playing

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ESS v STK 7:40pm Fri Feb 29
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