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Fantasy Footy Guide: Trading

March 5th 2008 02:34
When to Trade?
Trading is vital to every team, and for success you need to trade well. But when is it the best time to trade?

After Round 3
Personally it is smart not to trade before the price changes happen (Ie not before round 3). Players prices can go down, this scares people. However you need to have confidence that your player will return to his best.

If a player gets injured
If a player gets a long term injury it would also be smart to trade them out. Injured players score you zilch while a traded player will at least get you points. However, DONíT trade a player who is out for the short term. 1 Ė 3 week injuries should be covered by your bench.

Earn Money
Remember the thread on Cash Cows? Well this is where they come in to play. Trading a cash cow should be done to earn you more money. Once your player has reached his peak (in price) then trade him out for a cheaper player and keep the change.

To Upgrade
The money from the cash cows can now be used to upgrade players. As a rule of thumb only upgrade players if you are set to earn more than 5 points a week extra. Any less and youíre wasting a trade. The players you should look to get first include Dean Cox, Chad Cornes and Matthew Pavlich.

So now how many trades should I keep in the bank throughout the season?

If you have been lucky and have a good team 0 trades should have been used in the first 3 rounds. This gives you 20 trades to use in 19 rounds.

If you can help it try and use minimal trades in the first half of the season, if you have 15 trades left with 10 rounds to go you have a massive upper hand.

The reason to keep so many trades is because by the time Round 11 comes by you have a more accurate form guide to use.

How many times have you traded in a player who dominated the first few rounds only to see them sink away into nothingness. Remember Nathan Ablett and Jarred Brennan last season?

Last year in the final 4 rounds I had 8 trades left. This allowed me to add players such as Bartel and other high scorers to my team, jumping me straight up the rankings.

The time of when you trade is also vital. As a dream team veteran I am against early week trades. Between open and lock out each team has 2 training sessions. You would hate your new star player to do a knee at injury. You would waste 2 trades putting him in and taking him out.

Your player could also not even be selected in his team for the week. Imagine your new player having to spend the week on your bench because he wasnít selected!

The best time to do it is after the teams are announced on Thursday night. Obviously the closer you can trade to lock out the better, as it limits the amount of things can happen. Just be mindful of the traffic in the half an hour before a game.

Finally here are a few donts:
- Donít trade a non playing bench player
- Donít waste trades upgrading bench players
-Donít waste a trade upgrading a player who will score around the same as the player you are trading.
- Donít rush into trades, study the player for at least a week before you want him in your team.

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Comment by Shan Jayaweera

March 5th 2008 02:48

Hey there,

I have a supercoach team and will add an afl dreamtteam as well. I work as a tv editor on the footy so get to see a bit of the action each week. Wondering if you had tips for good young players (I reckon essendon have got a couple of young forwards in Reimers and Nagle as well as david meyers in defence - and I'm a Hawthorn supporter!!!)

Also if you have the time check out my blogs

YouTube Hall Of Fame

Watching YouTube

Let me know what you think

Comment by Rizzo

March 5th 2008 04:02
Hey mate.

Sure there are a few that i am keeping an eye on. tomorrow will be the day to check. I have a good blog going up about that exact topic. Which Youngsters to take.

It will be a very worth while read. I am outlining 4 players from each position that should be considered.

Ill check your blog out now. Hope your enjoying the site

Comment by Rizzo

March 5th 2008 04:08
Actually mate. Its been posted. Check out the blog on cash cows. There are players there that look good.

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