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SuperCoach & DT: The Brennan Factor - Don't Get Caught Again

April 4th 2008 06:08
Picture this:

A player is having a break out year and has dominated the first two rounds. You don't have him in your team but you trade one of your stars thinking this player is going to continue on his merry way scoring 100's. Slowly his scores drop. Round 3 he scores 90, Round 4 he picks up an average 60, and from then on its 50's. Your blood boils, frustrated you have to waste another precious trade to get him out of your team. The fact is that you have been hit with the Brennan Factor.

The Brennan Factor happens every year, and thousands of people always get caught out. But why?? Surely there is something we can do to stop this evil in Supercoach and DreamTeam from ruining our dreams.

The phenomenon I like to call the "Brennan Factor", Is when a player has a blinder two rounds, and is dirt cheap. However the player then slides as soon as you put him in your team and you are cursed with poor performances until you can trade him out.

It is named after the master, Jared Brennan, who over his career has cost SCer's and DTer's thousands of dollars and heaps of trades.

While the temptation of a cheap player scoring at the same price as a 400k player is great, the fact is not many players indeed continue on.

It is after round 2 that this really has an effect on players and it is now that you have to be extra careful not to get caught out, or you will be forever wasting money and trades to get them out of your team.

So... What do you look out for so you don't get caught out again and again and again?

I have compiled a list of things you should look out for before you indeed trade that cheap star in.

1. Past History
History is everything in Fantasy Football, especially when trying to avoid the Brennan factor. You should look and see if this scoring has come out of the blue and if they have had a history of doing a Brennan Before.

It can also be used to see if a player has had a steady rise in scoring. if this is the case a Brennan is less likely as history has shown they have made increases in their scoring capacity. is the best source to find a players scoring history.

2. Consistency
Is this player a consistent scorer or are they having a purple patch? Again look at their past scores, if they have been inconsistent, this player is most likely having a purple patch.

3. Role in the team
Is this player likely to be moved around? Just because he has played well at FF doesn't mean he won't be moved back to his poor scoring days at FB. If in doubt, don't select.

4. New Player
The best thing is to keep away from new players who has started well. Even though your bench players may not be keeping up in scoring terms, to trade a bench player out is just a waste. It's better to miss the boat totally and save some trades.

You also will find that they are inconsistent in their scoring, so a few weeks pulling low scores can be as frustrating as hell.

Finally, here are some players I suspect will become Brennan Factors

Super Coach:


Brett Thornton
Current Avg: 126
'07 Avg: 75

Michel Osbourne
Current Avg: 117
'07 Avg: 56

Nathan Bock
Current Avg: 121
'07 Avg: 73


Joel MacDonald
Current Avg: 116
'07 Avg: 74

Travis Tuck
Current Avg: 85
'07 Avg: 35

James Kelly
Current Avg: 112
'07 Avg: 78


Josh Hill
Current Avg: 109
'07 Avg: 19

Paul Medhurst
Current Avg: 102
'07 Avg: 60

Matt Campbell
Current Avg: 101
'07 Avg: 49

Dream Team:


Nathan Carrol
Current Avg: 84
'07 Avg: 52

Leo Barry
Current Avg: 84
'07 Avg: 66

Josh Hunt
Current Avg: 76
'07 Avg: 64


Bryce Gibbs
Current Avg: 83
'07 Avg: 58

Jarrad McVeigh
Current Avg: 80
'07 Avg: 60


Stuart Dew
Current Avg: 85
'07 Avg: 62

Warren Tredrea
Current Avg: 76
'07 Avg: 57

Lindsay Thomas
Current Avg: 73
'07 Avg: 45

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Comment by Footy Post

July 23rd 2008 15:22

Good article, i've been destroyed by the "brennan" factor. Prolly my worst pickup was Shannon Grant. At the start of the season he was around the 100points average mark, he has been down ever since.

Comment by Footy Post

July 23rd 2008 15:25

Good article, i've been destroyed by the "brennan" factor. Prolly my worst pickup was Shannon Grant. At the start of the season he was around the 100points average mark, he has been down ever since.

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